The Beauty of Ballerina Tutus

All little girls want to be ballerinas at some point in their lives, and so one of the outfits that they will naturally want are ballerina tutus. There are all different kinds that you can get for children and adults and when you want to buy one for a ballet concert or dance recital, you might want to learn how to make it yourself. Be aware that custom making a tutu is a long and difficult process, but if you really want to get inexpensive ballet tutus, then you can learn a lot on the internet. Most ballerina tutus for children are the pancake style ones, which are the flat ones that spread out from your waist in an almost horizontal fashion.

The Beauty of Ballerina Tutus

All tutus have a bodice that is attached to the skirt part and this is normally made to be boned or can just be made of lycra. There is usually a lot of beadwork and ribbon among other design elements, and this can flow onto the tutu skirt as well. The skirt of the tutu is made from layers upon layers of netting or tulle, which is also the first thing that gets stuck in your child’s favorite bike spokes or best balance bike or It is sewn in such a precise way to give it the correct shape and this is the first thing that you will have to learn when you want to start your homemade tutu. The entire tutu underneath will also consist of layers of netting sewn onto the leotard bottoms. Sometimes the tutu will consist of an all in one leotard and skirt, or it can also consist of a bodice top and separate skirt with attached underpants.

The other types of ballerina tutus that you can get are the romantic tutu, the classical tutu bell shaped, the Balanchine or Karinska tutu, and the platter tutu. The differences in each of them have to do with the way that the skirts are sewn and shaped. Some tutus use a wire hoop to keep them stiff and require plenty of hand tacking to ensure that each layer is straight and stiff. The tutu lengths vary from very short out at the waist to three quarter length and bell shaped.

To learn how to make a tutu will be quite easy. There are tons of patterns online and in your local haberdashery shops. The trick is to actually have the patience to sit and hand- sew it. If you are making dance recital costumes, then it is advisable to start well before the time if you have to make tutus. Homemade tutus are easiest when you just have to make the skirt part. Once you have done this you can simply attach it to the leotard which can also be decorated later, or you can simply make it as a skirt which can be removed using Velcro or a hook-and-eye clasp.

The last part of making your own ballerina tutus is the decoration. You can make them as fancy and sparkly and intricate as you like. You can cover the tulle with lace and satin, as well as other types of shimmery, sequined, shiny or patterned material. You can also sew ribbons and fake flowers onto the top as well as feathering for the most beautiful ballet princess outfits.