Petite Suits for Small Ladies

Petite Suits for Small LadiesAny lady who is 5’4” or less and is of a thin build often has problems finding petite suits. This means she also finds it a challenge to look stylish and at the same time exude a contemporary and professional look. Fortunately, more and more. This is especially true as you look online.

Petite suits are not cut like other suits. In fact the designer of these specialized suits must utilize a special style completely different from “normal” sized suits. Unless the styling is performed with only a petite lady in mind, the style will not fall correctly on a petite lady. It is certainly not just a matter of cutting the design to fit a petite lady. It must go much further than that, for the design must be expressly made for her, while keeping proportion always in mind.

Women who need these specially-tailored suits suits are professional women who wish to look professional–not like a teenager, which is what’s often found in the petite sizes. What flatters the petite size is not always just a cut-down version of larger sizes. In effect, finding chic petite suits may well turn out to be a tremendous challenge.

Especially where womens petite clothing is needed, most women find that they cannot find pants that fit properly, because the rise is not correct nor is the shaping of the pants commensurate with the location of the hem because it is shorter due to the woman’s petite size. Keep this in mind when you go shopping for petite pants suits.

Just because you’re petite doesn’t mean you should settle for less. You still deserve well-fitted, stylish, flattering, professional attire, and not something that appears to have been shorn piecemeal on your body as many poorly made designs can look like on your petite figure. And more and more, you can find something perfect for your size. Not only will many of the newer petite women’s suits be quite appropriate for you, but also quite flattering.

So let’s conclude with some advice for you as you shop for your petite-wear:

1) First, you need to start the search, not at the local retailers, but online. If you’ve tried finding something to wear at the local Target or Wal-Mart or other discount retailer, then you’ve already discovered that the bulk of their clothing is for the average sized person. Then they have one tiny corner for plus sizes and petite sizes. This limits your choice, and in the process, forces you to pay higher prices for inferior products, because it’s all that’s available.

But when you shop online, there is much more variety to be found. You can go to sites that specialize in women’s wear, and even women’s petite wear. The selection is larger, the quality is higher, and the prices are quite affordable.

2) Be honest about your size. Nothing looks worse than a woman who pretends she’s smaller than she is. To look your best, wear your honest size.

3) Because it is so hard finding good petite-wear, choose to buy suits that you can wear at multiple types of functions. For instance, find something that you’ll feel good about wearing to work as well as out on the town or at special events.

4) Of course, you want to buy according to season, just as you would any other attire. White and light colors are for warmer months, whereas darker colors are good for cold weather.

Petite suits can be hard to track down, but once you find a reputable dealer with good products, you’ll be a happier shopper. It will make it easier to look your, no matter where you go.