5 Beauty Trends In 2019 That Will Rock Your World

With a new year ahead of use, we have so much to look forward to. If you enjoy following all the beauty trends and playing with your look from season to season, stick with us, as these beauty trends will blow you off your feet!

Go Heavy On Eye Shadow

This year is the year of eye shadows, in pastel and summertime colors. Add canary yellow pigment to your lids and always look chic, even with just a tiny bit of makeup on the rest of your face. Mint and pink are also some colors that will be a must on your eyes this year, so hurry and purchase some beautiful pastel eye shadows that will breathe some life into every makeup look.

Fluffy Soap Brows

It has been quite some time that fuller brows rule the world (and some of us are truly grateful we don’t have to pluck as much as we used to) but a fluffy, natural look or the so called “soap” brows will finally have their moment again in 2019. On the runways across the world, models can be seen with the natural and fluffy eyebrows look, which is usually achieved by using clear brow gel or a clear soap.

Bold Lipstick

Enough with all the neutral tones on your lips. Be the babe of the year and wear bold colored lipstick as your main accessory. Almost every makeup artist or stylist will advise you that along with some red lipstick you might need a mascara and nothing more. So, have one of these in your purse and be ready to try the French girl trend anytime you might want to feel amazing!

Glossy Everything

Here it comes, one of our favorite trends of this year. Lips with glossy finish are finally back! Make your lips look plump and fresh with some glittery and glossy lipstick. The end goal is to try to make everything look watery, not only your lips. Add a little of clear gloss on top of your eye shadow and try something completely different in 2019. It is all about pushing the boundaries with your makeup this season!

Living Coral Will Rule

Last but not least is the living coral color. This will be the color you will be seeing everywhere in 2019. Restock your makeup and put some coral shadows, blushes and lipstick in your top drawer, as you will love how good it looks on every complexion.

So, there you have it – Some of the top makeup and beauty trends that will be front and center this year!