5 Beauty Trends In 2019 That Will Rock Your World

With a new year ahead of use, we have so much to look forward to. If you enjoy following all the beauty trends and playing with your look from season to season, stick with us, as these beauty trends will blow you off your feet!

Go Heavy On Eye Shadow

This year is the year of eye shadows, in pastel and summertime colors. Add canary yellow pigment to your lids and always look chic, even with just a tiny bit of makeup on the rest of your face. Mint and pink are also some colors that will be a must on your eyes this year, so hurry and purchase some beautiful pastel eye shadows that will breathe some life into every makeup look.

Fluffy Soap Brows

It has been quite some time that fuller brows rule the world (and some of us are truly grateful we don’t have to pluck as much as we used to) but a fluffy, natural look or the so called “soap” brows will finally have their moment again in 2019. On the runways across the world, models can be seen with the natural and fluffy eyebrows look, which is usually achieved by using clear brow gel or a clear soap.

Bold Lipstick

Enough with all the neutral tones on your lips. Be the babe of the year and wear bold colored lipstick as your main accessory. Almost every makeup artist or stylist will advise you that along with some red lipstick you might need a mascara and nothing more. So, have one of these in your purse and be ready to try the French girl trend anytime you might want to feel amazing!

Glossy Everything

Here it comes, one of our favorite trends of this year. Lips with glossy finish are finally back! Make your lips look plump and fresh with some glittery and glossy lipstick. The end goal is to try to make everything look watery, not only your lips. Add a little of clear gloss on top of your eye shadow and try something completely different in 2019. It is all about pushing the boundaries with your makeup this season!

Living Coral Will Rule

Last but not least is the living coral color. This will be the color you will be seeing everywhere in 2019. Restock your makeup and put some coral shadows, blushes and lipstick in your top drawer, as you will love how good it looks on every complexion.

So, there you have it – Some of the top makeup and beauty trends that will be front and center this year!

Stylish, Yet Practical Italian Leather Backpacks

If you are shopping around for a backpack, and are a little bit older, you might be somewhat disappointed in what you will find — since many backpack manufacturers assume the primary users of their luggage will be students. But that is not the case at all — a number of different manufacturers are selling fine Italian leather backpacks. With these items you can carry all your stuff quite conveniently, without surrendering one bit of style. Here is a sampling of some of those products —

First on our list is an item made by Embassy. It is their Embassy Italian Stone Design Genuine Leather Backpack and Cart. This innovative item combines a stylish Italian leather backpack with a rolling cart — two of the most often requested items. This Italian leather backpack features oversized adjustable leather straps, pockets for cell phone, glasses, keys, etc. To use the cart you simply unzip the opening at the top and extend the telescoping handle. This Italian leather backpack measures 19″ x 13″ x 6.5″ and is priced around $45.

Another quality manufacturer of Italian leather backpacks is Maxam. You can purchase one of their Italian Mosaic Genuine Leather Backpacks for under $20. These bags feature padded shoulder straps, a handgrip, main central compartment and uses a drawstring closure at the top. It also features a nifty water bottle holder. This Italian leather backpack weighs about 3 pounds when empty, and measures 14″ x 13″ x 7″.

If you are looking for an Italian leather backpack that you can sling on one shoulder — I call these types “teardrop” backpacks due to their distinctive shape — then I would take you back to Embassy to look at another one of their Italian leather backpacks: their Embassy Italian Stone Design, Genuine Leather Shoulder Backpack. This backpack has a hidden zippered pocket, a flat pocket and a large main interior compartment which also zippers. The shoulder strap on this item also adjusts. It is one of the most beautiful Italian leather backpacks I have seen in this design. The dimensions of this item are 19″ x 10.75″ x 5″ and is priced under $30.

Turning the corner on our mini-shopping spree, we look at a product manufactured by Tony Perotti — it is called a Ladies Ultimo Italian Leather Backpack. This is a very stylish item and is available in two colors: black and cognac. This Italian leather backpack features a zip pocket on the front, a central drawstring closure protected by a flap, a magnetic snap easy-open mechanism and a easy-to-carry handle. Inside this Italian leather backpack you will find a zipper pocket and a front organizer section which has one zip pocket, a pocket for your cell phone or pager, a business card pocket and two pen or pencil slots. The dimensions of this backpack are 11″ x 9.5″ x 4″.

Finally there is this offering from Nuovedive: the Nuovedive Two-Tone Italian Calf Leather and Suede Backpack. Priced at under $340 (which is very reasonable, given the high quality of this item), this Italian leather backpack is made from a combination of calf leather and suede. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it around as a person if you want and includes a holder for your outdoor speakers. It has a number of pockets and a large, sturdy flap closure for the central main compartment. Highly recommended!


The Top 5 Fashion items you should pack on your next safari.

We all have these wonderfully exhilarating ideas on what our first African safari is going to be like that the thought of fashion seldom crosses our minds.  We recently discovered that there is an entire fashion style inspired by an African safari. There is always an element of practicality that needs to be considered when packing items for your safari. Here is our list of top 5 fashion items that will be of good use and well make you look wonderful.

1. A wide brimmed Hat.

This first one shouldn’t come as any surprise – the African sun is harsh. You are most likely planning your trip in the Summer months. You can wear your hat on your sundowner cruises or when out doing various activities.

2.  Sunglasses

With such a vast boom in this particular accessory, you should have no problem finding a pair that works well with your other clothing items. Although sunglasses are super fashionable, they are also practical and offer protection to your eyes. It is vitally important that you remember to choose a pair of glasses that have UVA and UVB protection. Anything less than 400 isn’t worth your time. Try make sure you get ones that aren’t too heavily tinted and it can effect the use of binoculars and other optical equipment.

3. A lightweight scarf

Not what you would typically think you would be using in the hot African sun but believe it or not a lightweight cotton scarf has its uses. Not only can you use it as a substitute to a hat but you can use it to cover your nose and mouth when out on the safari vehicle. If you are driving in convoy there is plenty of dust that gets kicked up. The scarf prevents you from choking on the dust and your sunglasses protect your eyes.  You can successfully prevent sunburn by covering exposed shoulders with your scarf. We recommend you used on that

4. Lightweight cotton tops

We recommend that ideally you purchase something that has sleeves.  I am sure you have seen plenty of pictures of urban safari looks. As cotton is a natural fiber it both retains and expels heat making it ideal for this environment? Try to purchase only white and light colored tops. These reflect the heat and will prevent you from overheating. Collared shirts are almost always better to have as the protect the back of your neck from the sun. In extreme heat you can use thinner tops with exposed arms just remember the sun block! You can see UV protection clothing here.

5. Hiking shoes

As tempting as it may be to bring along those pretty fashionable flip flops – They are not practically practical. Being practical should be a key factor here. Hiking boots will ensure nothing ( Such as scorpions) stings you. It will keep the dirt out and allow you to be on your feet the entire day.

There are plenty of things to do in Africa and one isn’t always lodge bound so make sure that you pack practical items that will ensure your journey is a safe and comfortable one.


Can You Eliminate Cellulite With Exercise

A poor diet will increase the incidence of cellulite with most women. Eating junk food regularly has been linked to an increase in cellulite. So can diet eliminate cellulite? It can certainly help. This is one of the reasons why you often see skinny supermodels with cellulite at the top of their thighs because they often live on a diet of junk food and poor nutrition.

These foods that lack the essential nutrients of a healthy diet can stimulate cellulite by mimicking estrogen. Apart from the fact that junk foods do increase the retention of fat in the body the effect that the chemicals in these foods can have, makes it all the more difficult to keep your cellulite under control. A good way to start is to increase your exercise and / or switch to a low carb diet. These types of diets don’t have to be tasteless and expensive. Here’s an example of a recipe that can be delicious, affordable and healthy at the same time.

Braised Lamb Shank
Low Carb Braised Lamb Shank Recipe from The Scarsdale Website.

Drinking fresh water on a regular basis is one step towards flushing out the toxins in the body and reducing the incidence of cellulite. By remaining hydrated the skin also remains in good condition and the body has the ability to flush out the toxins and immobilize the use of fat. This is a simple solution compared to dieting, which often results in yoyo dieting which only increases the incidence of cellulite as the weight goes on and off the body and continues to get stored around the buttocks and thighs in ever increasing amounts. So one of the first steps would be to reduce the amount of junk food you eat and increase your water intake so you remain hydrated throughout the day.

Not only will your skin improve but your energy levels will also increase when you remain hydrated. This is not a diet that becomes difficult to maintain, but merely a slight change in direction they can have a huge impact on the condition of your skin. You’re not actually dieting but improving your diet and this should also help you to lose weight.

Creative Ideas To Family Vacations On A Budget

Camping lantern

Ask any parent about planning a family outing, and invariably they will tell you making every dollar count are what family vacations on a budget are all about. With today’s economy getting the most for your money is important, and that doesn’t mean scrimping on your vacation plans, but rather researching the available options to get the best deal possible.

Depending on your vacation budget, there are many low-cost ideas that can remove the need for air travel, and if you live in one of the larger cities within the U.S. such as L.A., New York, or Chicago, then consider a close to home destination that will reduce travel time by renting a mini-van if need be. If that sounds like a possible option for you and your family, then maybe also consider a camping vacation in a National Park, or popular mountain area. The cost of renting a tent and camping equipment such as a camping lantern is far less expensive than hotel rooms for 4 or more family members. Wintertime could offer budget ski vacation packages that can help the little ones learn to ski or snowboard, and if you choose the right area, dad may be able to sneak in some ice fishing as well. The most obvious summertime destinations are beach vacations. The kids are sure to have a great time at one of the local State Beaches or parks located within the State Park, such as Doheny State Beach in Dana Point California. If you do a bit of research on your surrounding areas, you are sure to find some good spots for a family vacation on a budget. Affordable family vacations can be a lot of fun when planned properly.

An important key to family vacations on a budget is taking advantage of every possible resource in saving money and getting the most bang for the buck. Memberships with the AAA, other auto clubs, groups, or associations can be valuable sources for discounts. Remember to ask for family discounts and deals when booking your trips. Seeking the best rates for lodging is relatively the easiest part of your arrangements. Many of the more popular chains offer discounts for children and you should also look for hotels where kids stay free. Even if you have to, you can opt for a folding cot, or maybe bring sleeping bags for the kids. You will be surprised at how many inexpensive vacations you can plan when you are a little flexible.

Another area of concern is dining; saving money on this part of your vacation is easy to manage with a little pre-planning. Look for restaurants where kids eat free, and if you are on an extended stay, then get a room with a refrigerator and stock up on snacks and lunch items that you can store in the room and take with you. Bottles for water and other drinks will help reduce hi priced beverages while in amusement parks and other places. Creativity, coupled with research and pre-planning are the golden keys to family vacations on a budget, and with a little patience and flexibility, you are sure to have a truly fun and memorable time together.

A new way of taking Selfies

DJI Spark

Everyone loves taking selfies, even if they don’t like to admit it. And if you’re looking to take those snaps of yourself to the next level, DJI’s new, cutesy Spark drone may be just for you. The company’s latest drone is designed to fit on the palm of your hand and can be controlled with motion gestures, letting you take some over-the-top pictures and videos without much effort. You can wave your hand to have move it up or down, right or left and pull it toward or away from you, while a quick gesture that resembles you taking a picture will trigger the camera’s selfie mode. The only drawback to this is that the Spark can only go up to 10 feet away from you, and that’s where the Spark’s companion app and remote control come in.

The smartphone application will make the overall experience better, as it increases the drone’s maximum reach to about 300 feet when you’re controlling it this way. Not only that, but the app will let you choose between a few different shooting modes: Quick Shot, Dronie, Circle and Helix. Quick Shot, for example, turns the Spark into a camera operator of sorts, as its main goal is to take cinematic videos of you. The feature locks onto a subject, follow them for around a minute and then turns that footage into a 10-second clip that you can share with your friends.

Meanwhile, the analog remote lets you have control of the drone for roughly 1.3 miles, though it doesn’t feature a built-in screen like the model included with its sibling the Mavic Pro. DJI says the idea with the Spark was to make a drone that was all about simplicity, which could help it in its quest to reach mainstream audiences. Up until today, the only drone really like the Spark has been Zerotech’s Dobby, but that drone depends on a smartphone to control it.

As far as specs go, the Spark features a 12-megapixel sensor (1/2.3-inch), mechanical stabilization and a GPS GLONASS sensor, as well as a 3D depth-sensing and vision-position systems that can detect objects and environments for up to 16 and 96ft, respectively. All in all, the Spark has the potential to be a great little drone, but we’ll have to put it through its paces before we can fully judge it. You can pre-order it today starting at $499 in a variety of different colors, such as sky blue, metal green, alpine white and lava red, and awesome goodies, all included inside the DJI drone case.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great form of exercise. It enables one to get away from the city and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains. Some mountains provide ample scenery and good fun while others provide challenging terrains that test one’s wits and abilities.

Bike paths are a fantastic activity for leisure, training, and travel. Many bike trails are surrounded by nature, including rivers, forests, and plants. Some are a few miles long while others are hundreds or thousands of miles long. The prevalence of trees and plants on bike trails improves air quality, decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and helps reduce the temperature.

Mountain biking has plenty of health benefits. Like any other type of sport, it helps combat heart diseases, obesity, metabolism issues and joint and knee problems. It helps to build muscles, endurance and hence strength. People suffering from asthma or allergies can really benefit from mountain biking by helping the lungs breathe consistently during stress.

Mountain biking has many emotional positives as well. It can be calming and exciting. It helps to improve one’s mood, improve self-image and are considered to be fun.

Socializing with other mountain bikers is another advantage. It can be used as a competitive platform or a friendly platform. Bikers can rely on each other for advice, support, and information just as with any team. Clubs, races and popular trails are all great places where one can meet and connect with other mountain bikers.

Some of the well-known mountain regions every mountain biker must bike during his/ her lifetime are-

The Swiss Alps- They offer an amazing view of the mountains and are most often traveled in the summer months.

The Yucatan– This trail is about 380 miles and goes along the coast of Mexico. One can view the beaches and the beautiful Caribbean and some unique features like ancient ruins.

Ireland’s West Coast- The trail goes on for up to 300miles allowing one to experience the rocky coast, hills, farms and the countryside of Ireland’s coast along the Atlantic Ocean.

The Great Ocean Road- Located in Victoria, Australia, this path runs along the coast, giving views of oceans, mountains, farmlands, wetlands and more. The entire path is 243 km and there is a 60km stretch that is flat for an easier ride.

Rotorua, New Zealand- It has lush paths and it is the oldest mountain bike trail in the country.

Finale Ligure, Italy- It is a Mediterranean resort town that holds stunning trails at lower altitude.

Squamish, Canada- It is located in British Columbia, has steep granite mountains and a wet rainforest which gives the trails a real natural feel.

These are just a few examples. There are many more trails which one can consider biking on. Most of these amazing places have something to offer for every biker.

So pack your bikes using the bike rack for SUV and drive down your SUV to any of these fun-filled and challenging trails!

The Beauty of Ballerina Tutus

All little girls want to be ballerinas at some point in their lives, and so one of the outfits that they will naturally want are ballerina tutus. There are all different kinds that you can get for children and adults and when you want to buy one for a ballet concert or dance recital, you might want to learn how to make it yourself. Be aware that custom making a tutu is a long and difficult process, but if you really want to get inexpensive ballet tutus, then you can learn a lot on the internet. Most ballerina tutus for children are the pancake style ones, which are the flat ones that spread out from your waist in an almost horizontal fashion.

The Beauty of Ballerina Tutus

All tutus have a bodice that is attached to the skirt part and this is normally made to be boned or can just be made of lycra. There is usually a lot of beadwork and ribbon among other design elements, and this can flow onto the tutu skirt as well. The skirt of the tutu is made from layers upon layers of netting or tulle, which is also the first thing that gets stuck in your child’s favorite bike spokes or best balance bike or It is sewn in such a precise way to give it the correct shape and this is the first thing that you will have to learn when you want to start your homemade tutu. The entire tutu underneath will also consist of layers of netting sewn onto the leotard bottoms. Sometimes the tutu will consist of an all in one leotard and skirt, or it can also consist of a bodice top and separate skirt with attached underpants.

The other types of ballerina tutus that you can get are the romantic tutu, the classical tutu bell shaped, the Balanchine or Karinska tutu, and the platter tutu. The differences in each of them have to do with the way that the skirts are sewn and shaped. Some tutus use a wire hoop to keep them stiff and require plenty of hand tacking to ensure that each layer is straight and stiff. The tutu lengths vary from very short out at the waist to three quarter length and bell shaped.

To learn how to make a tutu will be quite easy. There are tons of patterns online and in your local haberdashery shops. The trick is to actually have the patience to sit and hand- sew it. If you are making dance recital costumes, then it is advisable to start well before the time if you have to make tutus. Homemade tutus are easiest when you just have to make the skirt part. Once you have done this you can simply attach it to the leotard which can also be decorated later, or you can simply make it as a skirt which can be removed using Velcro or a hook-and-eye clasp.

The last part of making your own ballerina tutus is the decoration. You can make them as fancy and sparkly and intricate as you like. You can cover the tulle with lace and satin, as well as other types of shimmery, sequined, shiny or patterned material. You can also sew ribbons and fake flowers onto the top as well as feathering for the most beautiful ballet princess outfits.

Petite Suits for Small Ladies

Petite Suits for Small LadiesAny lady who is 5’4” or less and is of a thin build often has problems finding petite suits. This means she also finds it a challenge to look stylish and at the same time exude a contemporary and professional look. Fortunately, more and more. This is especially true as you look online.

Petite suits are not cut like other suits. In fact the designer of these specialized suits must utilize a special style completely different from “normal” sized suits. Unless the styling is performed with only a petite lady in mind, the style will not fall correctly on a petite lady. It is certainly not just a matter of cutting the design to fit a petite lady. It must go much further than that, for the design must be expressly made for her, while keeping proportion always in mind.

Women who need these specially-tailored suits suits are professional women who wish to look professional–not like a teenager, which is what’s often found in the petite sizes. What flatters the petite size is not always just a cut-down version of larger sizes. In effect, finding chic petite suits may well turn out to be a tremendous challenge.

Especially where womens petite clothing is needed, most women find that they cannot find pants that fit properly, because the rise is not correct nor is the shaping of the pants commensurate with the location of the hem because it is shorter due to the woman’s petite size. Keep this in mind when you go shopping for petite pants suits.

Just because you’re petite doesn’t mean you should settle for less. You still deserve well-fitted, stylish, flattering, professional attire, and not something that appears to have been shorn piecemeal on your body as many poorly made designs can look like on your petite figure. And more and more, you can find something perfect for your size. Not only will many of the newer petite women’s suits be quite appropriate for you, but also quite flattering.

So let’s conclude with some advice for you as you shop for your petite-wear:

1) First, you need to start the search, not at the local retailers, but online. If you’ve tried finding something to wear at the local Target or Wal-Mart or other discount retailer, then you’ve already discovered that the bulk of their clothing is for the average sized person. Then they have one tiny corner for plus sizes and petite sizes. This limits your choice, and in the process, forces you to pay higher prices for inferior products, because it’s all that’s available.

But when you shop online, there is much more variety to be found. You can go to sites that specialize in women’s wear, and even women’s petite wear. The selection is larger, the quality is higher, and the prices are quite affordable.

2) Be honest about your size. Nothing looks worse than a woman who pretends she’s smaller than she is. To look your best, wear your honest size.

3) Because it is so hard finding good petite-wear, choose to buy suits that you can wear at multiple types of functions. For instance, find something that you’ll feel good about wearing to work as well as out on the town or at special events.

4) Of course, you want to buy according to season, just as you would any other attire. White and light colors are for warmer months, whereas darker colors are good for cold weather.

Petite suits can be hard to track down, but once you find a reputable dealer with good products, you’ll be a happier shopper. It will make it easier to look your, no matter where you go.

Leather Coats – A Perfect Cold-Weather Option

Women’s leather coats are especially appreciated in the winter time. After all, every lady needs a cold-weather coat, right? Often it seems that during the winter, you’re forced to choose between something that looks fashionable and something that keeps you warm. Not so with leather!

Women’s leather coats come in an abundance of styles, colors and looks, and most do so while providing that essential service of keeping you warm. The best leather coats balance both fashion and function.

Many women find that the best leather coats are those with buttons that go all the way to the neck. This keeps the vulnerable neck-area, where heat might otherwise escape from your body, protected. A double-breasted coat leaves the neck a bit more vulnerable, but still, for areas where the winters tend to be milder, this is a viable option.

Many leather coats are lined with a lower covering. The most popular ones are those that come in dark colors (Dark colors attract and hold heat, and dark colors are more the style in winter months anyway).
Women’s leather coats don’t have to be limited to winter, though. It’s a favorite among both female hunters, who need to be mobile while carrying hunting gear around, as well as many female conservationists, who constantly have to setup and monitor trail cameras throughout the wilderness. Some women prefer wearing something lightweight, and there are options even for them. In fact, if you wanted, you could wear a leather coat for any season of the year.

Ladies leather coats can be found in many branded shops near you. They’re in shopping malls or in smaller, locally-owned stores. However, as with most other clothing, more and more women are shopping for them online. There are a couple of good reasons for this. For one, you can find a larger variety. Another reason is that it’s easier to find a bargain (Online retailers don’t have as many incidental costs). And of course, you don’t have to stand in line to make your purchase.

There are various styles you can find for a leather coat or leather jacket. Some of the many options include leather sports jackets, button-closing coats, zipper-closing coats, long leather coats, trench coats, reversible double-faced coats, with lining, without lining, and more. Those who have become fans of leather coats say thy not only complement jeans and trousers, but can even be worn stunningly with long or short skirts.

As with most clothing items, it’s easier to find leather jackets and coats in the average sizes. However, you can find them available for plus sizes and petite frames also. In fact, if you do your shopping online, it’s almost as easy to find your coat in these extreme sizes as it is in non-extreme sizes.

So are women’s leather coats right for you? Only you can tell. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to stand out in the crowd, then maybe not. But if you’re the type who doesn’t mind adding some real flair to your wardrobe–the kind of flair that makes people on the streets stop for a second to stare–then you’ll love the many options available to you in leather!