Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great form of exercise. It enables one to get away from the city and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains. Some mountains provide ample scenery and good fun while others provide challenging terrains that test one’s wits and abilities.

Bike paths are a fantastic activity for leisure, training, and travel. Many bike trails are surrounded by nature, including rivers, forests, and plants. Some are a few miles long while others are hundreds or thousands of miles long. The prevalence of trees and plants on bike trails improves air quality, decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and helps reduce the temperature.

Mountain biking has plenty of health benefits. Like any other type of sport, it helps combat heart diseases, obesity, metabolism issues and joint and knee problems. It helps to build muscles, endurance and hence strength. People suffering from asthma or allergies can really benefit from mountain biking by helping the lungs breathe consistently during stress.

Mountain biking has many emotional positives as well. It can be calming and exciting. It helps to improve one’s mood, improve self-image and are considered to be fun.

Socializing with other mountain bikers is another advantage. It can be used as a competitive platform or a friendly platform. Bikers can rely on each other for advice, support, and information just as with any team. Clubs, races and popular trails are all great places where one can meet and connect with other mountain bikers.

Some of the well-known mountain regions every mountain biker must bike during his/ her lifetime are-

The Swiss Alps- They offer an amazing view of the mountains and are most often traveled in the summer months.

The Yucatan– This trail is about 380 miles and goes along the coast of Mexico. One can view the beaches and the beautiful Caribbean and some unique features like ancient ruins.

Ireland’s West Coast- The trail goes on for up to 300miles allowing one to experience the rocky coast, hills, farms and the countryside of Ireland’s coast along the Atlantic Ocean.

The Great Ocean Road- Located in Victoria, Australia, this path runs along the coast, giving views of oceans, mountains, farmlands, wetlands and more. The entire path is 243 km and there is a 60km stretch that is flat for an easier ride.

Rotorua, New Zealand- It has lush paths and it is the oldest mountain bike trail in the country.

Finale Ligure, Italy- It is a Mediterranean resort town that holds stunning trails at lower altitude.

Squamish, Canada- It is located in British Columbia, has steep granite mountains and a wet rainforest which gives the trails a real natural feel.

These are just a few examples. There are many more trails which one can consider biking on. Most of these amazing places have something to offer for every biker.

So pack your bikes using the bike rack for SUV and drive down your SUV to any of these fun-filled and challenging trails!